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EOREnhanced Oil Recovery
EORExporter of Record (shipping)
EOREnd of Record
EOREmergency Operating Room (various locations)
EOREnd of Report
EOREnd of Round (gaming)
EOREnd of Row
EOREthernet over Rpr
EORExclusive or
EOREssence of Recovery (alcoholism website)
EOREuropean Organization for Research
EORElectric Orbit Raising (satellites)
EOREye of Round (meat)
EORElement Occurrence Record (biotics)
EOREngineer of Record
EOREarth Orbit Rendezvous
EOREnd of Run (US Postal Service)
EOREnd of Range
EOREnd of Rant (e-mail, newsgroups, etc.)
EOREnd of Run (Oil Refining)
EOREast of the River
EOREnd of Runway
EOREqual Opportunity Representative (US Army)
EORExplanation Of Review
EOREnte Operador Regional (Spanish: Regional Operator Entity)
EORExplosive Ordnance Reconnaissance
EOREmployer of Record
EORÉlève-Officier de Réserve (French: Cadet Reserve Officer)
EORElement Of Resource
EOREpping-Ongar Railway (UK)
EORExclusive Or Gate
EORExpertise et Optimisation Retraite (French: Expertise and Optimization Retreat)
EOREvidence of Receipt
EOREnd of Retransmission
EOREngage on Remote
EOREmmons & Olivier Resources, Inc (Oakdale, MN)
EOREnd of Ramp
EORExplanation of Reimbursement (medical insurance)
EORExplosive Ordnance Recognition
EOREnterprise Organizational Readiness
EOREnterprise of Responsibility
EOREngage Order Remote
EOREffective Operational Radius
EOREquipment Operational Readiness
EOREnd of the Road/Route
EOREquipment Operationally Ready
EOREastern Ontario Regiment (Canada)
EOREngineering Order Request
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Kim uses three cuts to make beef jerky: eye of round, top blade and chuck tender.
Typically, biltong starts as thicker strips of meat taken from prime cuts; the bottom round, known as "silverside" in South Africa, is a popular choice, as is the eye of round. These are soaked in a vinegar brine, spiced, and hung in the open air to dry.
"Eye of round, sirloin tip, top round, and top sirloin are all lean options," Kirkpatrick advises.
Another "eye" that can be found in the kitchen is an "eye of beef" or an "eye of round." Ask one of your parents to show you these long pieces of beef the next time you go to the supermarket.
It's got everything: eye of round and tripe and tendon.
More recent menu favorites have included Dewitt's grilled steaks and pork loins, Tex's grilled steaks and eye of round, Mary Frances' boiled shrimp, Rebecca's roasts and fish, and Jane's chicken and brisket dishes.
3 ounces roasted beef eye of round lean, trimmed to 1/8" fat
Go for "choice" or "select" cuts, which are lower in fat than "prime." Among the leanest cuts of beef are filet mignon, top sirloin, top round, eye of round, T-bone and flank steaks.
These are further broken into primal cuts (top butt, bone-in strip, tenderloin, butterflied flank, "flap," knuckle, top round, eye of round, bottom round).
Ditto for a serving of beef eye of round roast, which Dopp says has 166 calories and 4.87 grams of total fat, while a serving of pork tenderloin has 143 calories and 3.51 grams of fat.
For the dumplings: Season eye of round with salt and pepper.
Lean meats: round tip, top loin, top and eye of round, tenderloin, top sirloin, ground meat with less than 10% fat, and skinless poultry.