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EYAEnd-of-Year Assessment (various organizations)
EYAEckerd Youth Alternatives (Clearwater, FL)
EYAEntrepreneur of the Year Award (various locations)
EYAEmployer of the Year Award (various organizations)
EYAEverything You Are
EYAEyes Absent (gene)
EYAEnvironmental Youth Alliance (Canada)
EYAExplain Your Answer
EYAEarly Years Action (teacher training)
EYAEnhance Your Audience
EYAEternally Yours Awards
EYAEcumenical Youth Action
EYAEnergy Yield Assessment
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Eyes absent; four longitudinally divided anterior structures near the submarginal fold present; cephalic setae absent.
Eyes absent, four longitudinally divided anterior structures present near the submarginal fold of the anterior cephalic section, cephalic setae present.
By focusing on the anti-leukemia effects of eyes absent 4 (EYA4) gene on AML cells, we investigated the biologic and molecular mechanism associated with AML1-ETO expressed in t(8;21) AML.
Eyes absent 4 ( EYA4 ) gene, a member of the EYA gene family ( EYA1–4 ), is a transcriptional activator.[sup][7] The EYA gene family operates in a network of transcriptional regulators which are required for the formation of many organs and tissues.
In this study, we examined the transcription of circadian clock genes in the broadcast spawning coral Acropora millepora (Ehrenberg, 1834), focusing on six different clock genes that are molecular markers of clock function: Clock, Cryptochromes 1 and 2 (Cryl, Cry2), Cycle/Bmal, Timeless, and Eyes Absent (Eya).
In Drosophila seven genes appear to control eye development: eyeless and twin of eyeless are Pax6 homologs; sine oculus, eyes absent, dachshund, eye gone, and optix contribute to form a complex network.
you have doubts about the patience of this wild beast earth when its eyes absent themselves to open on the blue which colors its sense like you like the poem this earth is born of the look that dreamed it life is a crossing between two shores analogy of margins slow movement toward the unfinished song of innocence and memory scribe in the night of language when night speaks the language of noughts you are on this earth to grow your soul tame what's human in dread inhabit the word's word and keep the poem's promise