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EOFElectroosmotic Flow
EOFEmpirical Orthogonal Functions
EOFEnd of Frame
EOFEducational Opportunity Fund (various organizations)
EOFEchoes of Faydwer (game)
EOFEnterprise Objects Frameworks
EOFEthernet over Fiber
EOFEvaluated Optional Feature
EOFExecutive Office Furniture
EOFEscalation of Force
EOFEmerging Opportunities Fund (various organizations)
EOFÉglise Orthodoxe Française (French: French Orthodox Church)
EOFElectronic Order Form
EOFÉcole Ouverte Francophone (French educational project)
EOFElectronic Order Fulfillment
EOFExperimenters' Operations Facility
EOFEmpire Opportunity Fund
EOFEyes of Fire (movie)
EOFEnterprise Object Frameworks
EOFEternal Order of Fighters (Quest for Glory' game series)
EOFExpansile Osteolysis, Familial
EOFEthnikos Organismos Farmakon (Greek National Organization for Medicines)
EOFEssential Operating Facility
EOFEmergency Operating/Operations Facility
EOFExecutives on Fire (band)
References in classic literature ?
That black figure with its eyes of fire struck down through all my adult thoughts and feelings, and for a moment the forgotten horrors of childhood came back to my mind.
Superb, majestic, his graceful tail extended and quivering, and his two eyes of fire riveted full upon his prey, stood Numa EL ADREA, the black lion.
And Eggers shrewdly seems to draw on influences as diverse as 1983's little-seen Eyes Of Fire, the best of George A Romero's skewerings of the family unit and, of course, The Crucible.
Crotchety Aunt Kena, who has the Eyes of Fire, can talk to Billy (and others in the spirit world) directly but Dale has to depend on his Bluetooth for communication with Billy the ghost.
light, moon-breasted, with eyes of fire, with Brahma's feet,
Antalya has matchless place in the eyes of Fire of Anatolia.
ON THEIR SECOND full-length album Prisons, Southern California's Eyes of Fire provide listeners with an entrancing ride.
They looked into the eyes of fire and went out and set the tempo for the rest of the day,'' Hauptman said of the Quartz Hill game.