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EZHElektriciteitsbedrijf Zuid Holland (Dutch: Electricity South Holland)
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In large part, it said, the validity of the lease depended on how likely it was that EZH would exercise its option to purchase the remaining lease from Con Ed, which would eliminate the latter's risk.
Risks for Con Ed included risk of default by EZH, costs of maintaining the facility, fluctuations in currency and the cost of energy, and Dutch and U.
As to risk, the court found that although Con Ed naturally had attempted to mitigate the risk of the transaction, it was subject to risks from a default by EZH on the agreement, currency and energy price fluctuations, domestic and Dutch regulatory actions, and the general risks inherent in operating and maintaining a power generation facility.
Because of their favorable design and maintenance characteristics, EZH Series regulators are generally specified by Wisconsin Public Service as monitors in gate stations where the single-cut differential pressure is greater than 800 psig.
In the North Manitowoc Gas Gate, an EZH regulator was installed as the monitor and the recently introduced Fisher EZHSO Series was chosen for use as the operator due to the potential 900 psig differential.
The top-entry design of the EZH Series regulators reduces the amount of time required for preventive maintenance--an additional cost-saving feature.
Emerson Process Management recently introduced two new sizes of the popular Fisher Type EZH natural gas pressure-reducing regulator.
With inlet and outlet pressure ratings of 1480 psig (102 bar) and set pressure up to 1160 psig (80 bar) and with resistance to particle erosion, the new EZH regulators are ideal for high pressure applications at city gate or town border stations.
EZH regulators provide smooth, reliable operation with tight shutoff for these kinds of applications.
Tenders are invited for gp ezh 17-18 construction of kundeekkavu kshemodayam road in ward no .