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Population connectivity of Ezo abalone on the northern Pacific coast of Japan in relation to the establishment of harvest refugia.
The third area of contention in Hellyer's study was the island of Ezo, or Hokkaido, as it would come to be known in the Meiji period.
(9.) In response, MSF medical staff have worked in the region since September 2008 and currently are present in Ezo, Naandi, Yambio, and Makpandu, providing assistance to around 45,000 people living in camps or integrated within host communities.
Ignoring the needs of the Ainu, the Meiji state began a long-term colonial project by establishing the Kaitakushi (Colonization Office), and in 1869 Ezo was renamed Hokkaido.
"Sixty to 65 percent of European canned food is in EZO ends, and it's 80 percent in the German market," said Jeff Deliberty, marketing manager for Silgan Closures, Downers Grove, III.
His 13 varieties of Ezo Beer, so named for the old Japanese name for Hokkaido, include varieties such as White Crane Ale, Noboribetsu Valley of Hell Ale and Namara Nigai (Hokkaido dialect for "very bitter").
Though a number of Aomori intellectuals wish to see their prefecture as a hybrid culture where the dominant Yamato culture has combined with the extinct Ezo and absent Ainu cultures (Ainu communities exist only in Hokkaido, the northern-most island), the Akakura congregation considers itself to be purely "Japanese"--that is it accepts the myth of Japan as a monoracial nation.
BIAC produces two types of abalone, the Japanese northern, or ezo abalone, and the more common red abalone.
Sonoco will now be able to offer a full range of steel easy-open (EZO) ends, peelable aluminium membrane opening systems (UltraSeal [R], SealSafe [R]) and valved ends for processed and nonprocessed food.
The effect ofwood moisture content (MC) on treatability with chromated copper arsenate was investigated for commercially important softwood species (Japanese red pine, Japanese larch, and ezo spruce) in Korea.
Aside from Cutex and Compound W, Medtech products include Mosco callus and corn remover, Dermoplast skin care products, Ezo denture cushions, Heet pain relieving liniment, Zincon medicated dandruff shampoo and the analgesic Percogesic.
However, it is called "Tokyo shrew" in Japanese because he reportedly mistook "Ezo," an old name for Hokkaido, for "Edo," the name of Tokyo until 1868.