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Population connectivity of Ezo abalone on the northern Pacific coast of Japan in relation to the establishment of harvest refugia.
In response, MSF medical staff have worked in the region since September 2008 and currently are present in Ezo, Naandi, Yambio, and Makpandu, providing assistance to around 45,000 people living in camps or integrated within host communities.
Ignoring the needs of the Ainu, the Meiji state began a long-term colonial project by establishing the Kaitakushi (Colonization Office), and in 1869 Ezo was renamed Hokkaido.
Sixty to 65 percent of European canned food is in EZO ends, and it's 80 percent in the German market," said Jeff Deliberty, marketing manager for Silgan Closures, Downers Grove, III.
His 13 varieties of Ezo Beer, so named for the old Japanese name for Hokkaido, include varieties such as White Crane Ale, Noboribetsu Valley of Hell Ale and Namara Nigai (Hokkaido dialect for "very bitter").
In this report, we describe the effect of MC on treatability of Japanese red pine, Japanese larch, and ezo spruce with chromated copper arsenate (CCA).
12) The Japanese called the genre ezo joruri,(13) assimilating it to the traditional Japanese recitative originating in bunraku puppet theater.
In his main epics--Hajnikova zena (1886; "The Gamekeeper's Wife") and Ezo Vlkolinsky (1890)--he treated local themes in a style that combined realistic descriptive power with lyric echoes from folk song.
While this sometimes served to locate them within the medieval institutional order, distinct from the Ezo themselves -- as in their adoption of the Kamakura shogunal title of governor (kanrei) of the Ezo -- in other instances the Ando assumed titles such as "shogun of Hinomoto" that seemed to give them a non-Japanese identity.
The new, "easy-to-open" EZO Hi-Cone six-pack carriers feature pull-down tabs that break the cans free.
Even if the place with a suspected outbreak of Ebola was found a thousand miles away from the boarder, precautionary measures will be taken care of ahead of time, stressed Enoka, adding that major entry points into South Sudan like Ezo, Ri-yubu, Sakure and Nabiapai in Yambio will be closely monitored at people cross to the young nation.
Lo hazen puez zuz gobernantez ze colgaron de ezo para levantar zu caida de popularida y van a irze al averno