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EZPASS[not an acronym] Pre-Paid, Electronic Toll Payment Method for Toll Roads and Bridges (NY/NJ/PA/DE/MD/ME/NH)
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The most recognized RFID-enabled transactions are EZPass devices that enable users to electronically pay for tolls and Mobil's SpeedPass key fobs that allow customers to electronically pay for gas at self-service pumps.
Wade, Will, 2004, "EZPass tries where others have failed," American Banker, April 1.
A common application of active tags today are automated highway tolls, such as EZPass. Drobac says they are also used for applications such as a seal for cargo containers and on amusement park wristbands for children.
(These are cards similar to those you attach to the inside of your car windshield, like EZPass, that automatically pays your to toll as you speed through the express toll booth.) They may someday drive video content at an even more precise level.
EZPass, Gillette and Wal-Mart pioneered this technology in transportation and consumer goods.
The impression I get in dealing with EZPass is that too much of their customer service system is automated, and this binds agents' hands when they're faced with a situation that's nor in their script.
For the first time in the turnpike system, the layout of the toll plaza was designed to accommodate non-stop electronic toll collection (EZPass).
And just like the EZPass in New York means no waiting in strangling traffic for the exact-change-only lane, a chip-under-the-skin would mean a breeze through customs at international airports.