F-COPESFamily-Crisis Oriented Personal Evaluation Scale (substance use assessment)
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Their family members showed significantly poorer scores on the F-COPES total score (p < .
The F-COPES measure was acceptable to participants, and its use helped show change among participants in the expected direction.
The research question was first addressed by using exploratory factor analysis (FA) approach (Hair, Anderson, Tatham, & Black, 1995) to surface underlying factors among the 30 items of the modified form of the F-COPES.
In addition, the FA technique was also used to increase the construct validity of the modified form of the F-COPES (Clark & Watson, 1995).
The modified form of the F-COPES, used to assess behaviors or strategies families use to manage situations associated with CP, was specifically designed for this study.
The scale membership, item means, standard deviations, and factor loading coefficients for the modified form of the F-COPES are shown in Table 2.