F-COPESFamily-Crisis Oriented Personal Evaluation Scale (substance use assessment)
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F-COPES: Family crisis oriented personal evaluation scales.
These two scales (WSMS and F-COPES) were significantly correlated in this study (r=.35) and purport to measure constructs related to what has been described in empowerment literature as competence.
We used t tests to examine differences between the control and intervention groups on baseline knowledge, self-efficacy, F-COPES, and BSI scores, with a < .05 significance level.
Women with cancer who received the intervention showed significant improvement in the F-COPES total score (p < .05) and on subscales measuring spiritual support (p < .05) and mobilizing the family to accept help (t9 < .05).
The second instrument used in this study was modified mainly from the F-COPES, an instrument created to identify problem-solving attitudes and behaviors that families use to respond to problems or difficulties (H.
The first variable, family coping with CP was operationally defined by mean scores on groups of family coping variables from the modified form of the F-COPES that emerged following data analysis.
According to Table 2, the importance of family time and routines to the family (FTRI Importance), the problem-solving and coping strategies of reframing the situation, passive appraisal and the search for and utilization of spiritual support (measured by the relevant subscales of F-COPES), and the quality of family communication (FPSC Total score) were all included in the best-subset of predictors of family adaptation.
The Family Crisis Oriented Personal Evaluation Scales (F-COPES) was used to identify coping strategies the primary caregiver used in dealing with the child with a tracheostomy and gastrostomy.
Despite the original intention to include all coping variables in the subsequent regression equations, none of the F-COPES scales were significantly correlated with any of the outcome variables.
None of the other subscales of the F-COPES was correlated with psychological distress; however, family functioning was related to spiritual support.