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100 [micro]l of cell suspension (2 x [10.sup.6]) was preincubated with 25 [micro]l of each compound at final concentrations of 1,5 and 20 [micro]M for 15 min at 37[degrees]C and then stimulated with cytochalasin B (0.6 [micro]g/ml) and f-MLP (1 [micro]g/ml) for 15 min.
Oxidant generation by f-MLP or by PMA-stimulated neutrophils was measured using luminol- and lucigenin-dependent chemilu-minescence.
Tested extracts also significantly reduced the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) from f-MLP and PMA induced neutrophils with [IC.sub.50] 5 [micro]g/ml and 25 [micro]g/ml, respectively (Table 3).