F125Formula 125 (racing kart class)
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The F124 and F125 engines are designed in the US and produced and supported from Honeywell and ITEC's facility in Phoenix, Arizona.
Hear from Commander Hannes Schroeder-Lanz, Command Support/C4I Missions & Operations, from the German Navy as he provides the latest updates on the F125 Frigate class with a presentation on 'Advances in German Naval Surveillance and Reconnaissance Equipment and Technologies from 2016 Onwards'.
This illustrates that frost durability grade of all C30 CSC is F125 while that of all C60 CSC is over F300.
Designed for high-performance environments, Avio F125 delivers fluid graphics and video playback over long distances making it ideal for Pro A/V, industrial process control, oil and gas, 3D design and visualization, education, military, broadcast and post-production environments.
Matrox Avio F125 KVM extenders and EIZO DuraVision FDH3601 monitors are now available worldwide.
I got a taste of the future when I sat in the F125 concept car in Stuttgart and tried out the 17-inch display screen which sits in front of the dashboard on the passenger side.
Leftlane News, an automotive news magazine, has revealed details of the Mercedes-Benz F125 concept vehicle.
Reproductive Decisions After Neonatal Screening Identifies Cystic Fibrosis, 82 ARCHIVES DISEASE CHILDHOOD FETAL NEONATAL EDITION F124, F125 (2000).
Its naval forces, meanwhile, are to be bolstered by the introduction of three Type F124 frigates, beginning in 2002, and a study is already underway for a follow-on frigate, dubbed, logically enough, the F125.
Cells F123 and F125 for within-run precision and cells F141 and F143 for total precision display the acceptance or rejection of the manufacturer's claim.
By the time the workers finished the last section, they had created 140,000 sq ft of concrete floor with every superflat slab showing at least an F125 rating, and with the rest of the floor averaging over F100.
Rockwell Collins selected to provide Radar Electronic Support Measures for German frigates Rockwell Collins was selected to provide a Radar Electronic Support Measures (CS-3600) suite for Germany's F125 Special Forces and Stabilization frigates.