F27Fokker F27 Friendship (airliner; Netherlands)
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The M3024 comes in three geometries: The F27, the F57 and the F67, which optimize stability, universal application, and easy cutting action, respectively.
Nodal segments (1.0-1.9 cm, 2.0-2.9 cm or 3.0-4.0 cm long) of F27 genotype were cultivated on [WV.sub.5] medium with 0.1 [micro]M BAP during four weeks and then subcultivated on [WV.sub.5] medium without regulators, being evaluated after four and eight weeks of subculture.
A PIA Fokker F27 crashes in Rawalpindi, near Islamabad in which all 26 people on board are killed on December 8, 1972.
August 6, 1970: A PIA Fokker F27 turboprop aircraft crashes while attempting to take off from Islamabad in a thunderstorm, killing all 30 people on board.
scrutiny after an Iranian Fokker F27 approached the USS Eisenhower in the Gulf of Oman in April.
Le dernier accident d'avion au Pakistan a ete celui d'un Fokker F27 de la compagnie nationale Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) qui s'est ecrase le 10 juillet 2006, faisant 45 morts.
The most recent fatal commercial crash was a Pakistan International Airlines Fokker F27 that came down in July 2006, killing 45 people on takeoff from the central city of Multan, bound for Lahore.
Worcester's own Kim Duclos is F27 based on her 2:38:21 qualifying time.
RESULTS IN GAMES FROM MARCH UNTIL THE END OF SEASON v TOTAL SEASON: 2008/09: MARCH ONWARDS: W 10 D1 L0 F34 Win percentage 91% Goals-to-games ratio 3 TOTAL SEASON: W25 D6 L4 F68 65% G 1.79 07/08: MARCH ONWARDS W: 10 D2 L1 F27 W 77% G 2.08 TOTAL: W21 D13 L4 F67 55% 1.76 06/07: MO: W: 4 D3 L 3 F13 W 40% G 1.3 TOTAL: W20 D8 L10 F57 53% 1.5 05/06: MO: W: 9 D:1 L: 1 F: 25 W 75% 2.08 TOTAL: W25 D7 L6 F57 66% 1.5 04/05: MO: W: 4 D: 3 L:4 F: 11 W 36% G1 total W17 D7 L13 F52 45% 1.37
Air Maleo, Fokker Indonesian cargo start-up Air Maleo aims to start flying next month, using two Fokker F27 freighters.
These 8 risk factors are: F6: Electrocution caused by electrical circuits powering computing equipments--partial risk level 3; F7: Electrocution while working on the computer--partial risk level 3; F8: Electrocution while repairing defects of computing equipments--partial risk level 3; F10: Electrocution by direct or indirect touch of damaged serving cables--partial risk level 3; F9: Electrocution while plugging computing equipments to defective plugs or plugs without grounding conductor--partial risk level 3; F27: Accidents while coming to work and going home--partial risk level 3; F4: Fires, burnings while operating printers, while touching their hot parts--partial risk level 3; F5: Fires caused by documents caught on fire or other flammable materials--partial risk level 3.
Doryctobracon areolatus adults were hand aspirated from F26 or F27 generation stock cages maintained by the USDA-APHIS-PPQ-CPHST Station, in Gainesville, FL.