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Uterine bacteriology, prostaglandin F2a metabolite and progesterone profiles, blood granulocyte function and uterine cytology in postpartum cows after dexamethasone-induced parturition.
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Considering subgenotypes, a high genetic diversity was observed: subgenotypes A1, A2, D1-D4, F2a and F4 were found (Figs.
Sequence of audiovisual clips Sequence Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3 Time SEQ01 C3I DA F5S 5'58" SEQ02 C3T DS F5I 5'57" SEQ03 C3S Dl F5A 5'57" SEQ04 C4I DA F1S 5'46" SEQ05 C4T DS F1I 5'51" SEQ06 C4S Dl F1A 5'49" SEQ07 C 11 DA F2S 6'31" SEQ08 C1T DS F2I 6'31" SEQ09 C1S Dl F2A 6'28" SEQ10 C2I DA F1S 5'45" SEQ11 C2T DS F1I 5'43" SEQ12 C2S Dl F1A 5'40" SEQ13 F1S S3I DA 4'29" SEQ14 F1I S3A DS 4'48" SEQ15 F1A S3S Dl 4'47" SEQ16 F2S S4I DA 5'00" SEQ17 F2I S4A DS 4'55" SEQ18 F2A S4S Dl 4'59" SEQ19 F3S S1I DA 6'03" SEQ20 F3I S1A DS 6'36" SEQ21 F3A S1S Dl 6'36" SEQ22 F4S S2I DA 4'59" SEQ23 F4I S2A DS 5'02" SEQ24 f4a S2S Dl 5'02" Table 2.
The most common uterotonic agent administered was syntocinon (95%), followed by prostaglandin F2a (59%) and misoprostol (56%).
Vibrio TSA LC7 TSA LC9 TSA LC12a TSA LC12b TSA F2a Feed TSA A5c Water Gammaproteobacteria.
Il se subdivise en cinq sous-groupes (F1, F2a, F2b, F3, F4).
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