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F2CFreedom to Connect (conference)
F2CFORTRAN To C Converter
F2CFreedom To Choose (UK)
F2CFarm to Cafeteria (Food Security Learning Center; World Hunger Year; New York, NY)
F2CFuran-2-Carboxylate (chemical compound)
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Dentro del territorio de la comunidad, cuyos suelos fueron clasificados por Garay (2001) en suelos A2cs y A3cst con 128.38 ha; A3cs con 360.82 ha; F3cst y F2c con 423.35 ha y como clase X que incluye el avance urbano con 364.94 ha, se determino dos zonas homogeneas de produccion de arveja en base a la disponibilidad de riego (Figura 1):
Proceedings of the 33rd ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE03), F2C (pp.
(5) The dashed lines in Figure 1 indicate that some of the concepts can also relate directly to facts in a second case (labeled F1b, F2b, and F3b), and in a third case (labeled F1c, F2c, and F3c).
HEAT is written in Fortran, and we used a utility (f2c) to produce a C version for our test.
The publicly available translation tool f2c was then used to perform a bulk translation of all source files.
The paper of the music pages (watermark type F2c, sixteen-stave paper ruled with eight-stave rastra with a total span of 128 mm.) is entirely consonant with a copying date of 1760.