F2D2Functional Flow Diagram Description
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Andrew will be joined on the panel by Oliver Dyer, Managing Director, Skew Studio; Eric Huang, Publishing Director, Media and Entertainment, Penguin Group and Patricia de Wilde, Licensing Director, Marathon Media and President, F2D2.
The FD test ("equivalence" test) was presented as a test block with eight trials of each type, F1D1, F2D2, and F3D3.
of trials Phase Stage Relation per block (1) Simultaneous (a) Train M1N1, M2N2, M3N3 33 trials presentation O1N1, O2N2, O3N3, 33 trials Mixing of M-N and O-N trials 24 trials (b) Testing O1M1, O2M2, and O3M3 trials 24 trials (2) 0-s delay (a) Train D1E1, D2E2, D3E3 33 trials F1E1, F2E2, F3E3 33 trials Mixing of D-E and F-E 24 trials (b) Testing F1D1, F2D2, and F3D3 trials 24 trials (3) 2-s delay (a) Train G1H1, G2H2, G3H3 33 trials I1H1, I2H2, I3H3 33 trials Mixing of G-H and I-H 24 trials (b) testing I1G1, I2G2, and I3G3 trials 24 trials (4) 4-s delay (a) Train A1B1, A2B2, A3B3 33 trials C1B1, C2B2, C3B3 33 trials Mixing of A-B and C-B 24 trials (b) Testing C1A1, C2A2, C3A3 trials 24 trials Note.