F2GFree to Go (mobile phone package)
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F2G Ltd is one of only a small number of companies who have been accepted into this programme and will seek initial approval for F901318, a novel IV and oral, systemic antifungal targeted at Invasive Aspergillosis on the basis of a Phase IIb randomised controlled clinical trial.
It is understood that the company transferred all of its assets and employees on or around April 1, 2014, to Floors to Go and the business is being traded by F2G Retail Sales.
Eccles-based F2G works towards the development of treatments for fungal lung infections which can prove fatal for patients suffering from weak immunity.
Jim Laird, director of Clyde Carpet and Flooring, was appointed a director of F2G Retail Sales on September 1.
F901318 is being developed by F2G to treat invasive aspergillosis and other life-threatening fungal infections and is of a novel class of antifungals acting against a new cellular target.
Participants in the NOFUN Project are F2G Ltd (UK), The University of Manchester (UK), Pharmacelsus GmbH (Germany), OncoTargeting AB (Sweden) and Universitat i Rovira Virgili (Spain).
Ashley Cooper, Chief Executive of F2G said "This agreement with Genome Therapeutics is very important for F2G as it represents another step forward in our transition from a research based to a commercial drug development based company.
Ian Nicholson added, "I am excited to join F2G at this critical stage and lead the company in the successful development of an important first-in-class drug to treat Aspergillosis, an area of high unmet medical need.
Shane Kelly, Chief Executive of F2G commented "It is with great pleasure that we announce that Michael Hodges has accepted our invitation to join the Board.
Colby Pharmaceutical Company, Cylene Pharmaceuticals, Dimera Incorporated, DNage, Epeius Biotechnologies Corporation, F2G Limited, Fibrex Medical Inc.
Pete was flown to 3rd place in the first Thompson Trophy Race (at 163 mph), and the F2G placed 3rd in the final Thompson Trophy Race (at 388 mph).