F2LFirst Two Layers (Rubik's Cube)
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Through a partnership with software provider Excell-Soft in India a joint venture company - Freedom to Learn (F2L), Redcar-based Dynamic Distance Learning has provided assessment management software for 420 universities and colleges in the UK.
14), Permanent Yellow HR (Y.83) and Permanent Orange F2L (0.34) are transparent and glossy.
In the other family (F2), the sibling pair was composed of two adult men (F2L and F2T) with nonprogressive cerebellar ataxia.
The following abbreviations are used in the description: head length (HL), head width (HW), temple width (TW), face width (FW), face height (FH), eye length (EL), eye height (EH), flagellomere 1 length (F1L), flagellomere 2 length (F2L), mesosoma length (ML), mesoscutum width (MW), mesosoma height (MH), scutellar sulcus length (SSL), scutellar sulcus width (SSW), stigma length (SL), stigma height (SH), median tergite 1 length (T1L), median tergite 1 width (T1W), and median tergites one through eight (t1 ...