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F2PFree to Play
F2PFiles 2 Peers (file hosting service)
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Differently from ma questions, the typing procedure of A-not-A questions happens in a clause-internal position, namely in the head position of a functional phrase, which I will call 'Force2P' (F2P).
In other words, I claim that in A-not-A questions the syntactic procedure of "clausal typing" (Cheng 1991) takes place within the extended predicate, comprising F2P and V'.
Therefore, F1' and F2P are in complementary distribution.
In this section, we will consider several overt question operators which are of theoretical interest insofar as they back up our hypothesis concerning the existence of a functional F2P. These operators with interrogative force appear both in some Chinese dialects and in Mandarin Chinese.
The interrogative force in (24) through (26) is exclusively conveyed by the question operator a which we claim to be located in the head position of F2P. In F[2.sup.0], it is "sister-adjoined" to an abstract <Q> feature by the operation of merge (which takes place at D-structure).
To summarize briefly, the occurrence of overt clause-internal question operators backs up our claim about the existence of a functional F2P. Furthermore, it bears out our assumption that there is an abstract <Q> feature in F[2.sup.0] which has to be checked.
The architecture of the F2P business model is more complex, for it generates multiple interactions among components and not only a one-to-one relationship (as in the linear P2P architecture).
The objective of F2P business model is to put emphasis on experience before monetizing it.
From the producer's point of view, the F2P model should embrace the whole market (the long tail) (see arrows in Figure 2) since its price is zero.
Since individual preferences are changing while playing, the F2P game developer must offer a wide variety of differentiated items to potentially satisfy all changing and diversified individual preferences to capture the maximal consumer's surplus.
Consequently, the F2P developer must consider the game as market with dynamic consumption and production functions where price is no longer the main driver of equilibrium: the economics of "contextual" micro-transactions governs the F2P model.
When asked about why the company is exploring the option of free-to-play as their best bet to combat piracy, Guillemot stated "We want to develop the PC market quite a lot and F2P is really the way to do it," the French CEO continued, "the advantage of F2P is that we can get revenue from countries where we couldn't previously - places where our products were played but not bought.