F360Fluorescence at 360 nm
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But he claims shift feel and performance -- gear changes can be achieved in under 250 milliseconds -- are superior to that of Ferrari's F360 Modena.
Model F340 measures pH and temperature with two-point calibration and recognizes five standard buffers; F350 adds mV and relative mV measurement along with three-point calibration and recognition of nine buffers; F360 includes RS-232 interface that connects to printer or computer, and stores up to 100 data sets.
That is roughly the length of the waiting list for what has turned out to be a sensational successor to the already-brilliant F360 Modena.
A BUSINESSMAN took his new pounds 120,000 Ferrari F360 for a spin - and wrote it off two minutes later after leaving an incredible trail of havoc.
That honour goes to Blues' battling midfielder Robbie Savage who paid pounds 120,000 for a Ferrari F360 Spider.
Ferrari F360 Spider pounds 119,638; 7 Mercedes ML350 (4x4); 7 BMW M3 pounds 42,535; 9.
He was charged by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) on Thursday for conspiring to pervert the course of public justice by allowing Shing Kwok-ting, a chauffeur with Tse's record company, to falsely present himself as the driver of Tse's Ferrari F360 Modena in the police investigation of the accident.
Bearing in mind Penny's red F360 Spider will have cost pounds 112,000 and Rod's silver 575 would have come in close to pounds 155,000, this could be construed as extravagance.
That's just less than two and half seconds slower than a pounds 103,000 Ferrari Modena F360.