F3AFormula 3 Australia (automobile racing)
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As the red colored current path leads through fuse F3a, it opens and stops the short circuit current.
TABELA 1--Produtividade total estimada de frutos (PT) em (t/[ha.sup.-1]), de tamanho primeira (FP), 1B (F1B), 1A (F1A), 2A (F2A) e 3A (F3A) de seis genotipos de maracujazeiro-azedo, durante seis meses de producao (17 colheitas), FAL-UnB, Brasilia-DF, 2005.
According to the manufacturer, the antibody cross-reacts weakly with 8-isoprostaglandin F3a (7.6%) and with prostaglandin [F.sub.i[alpha]] (2.85%).
With 13 mm round holes, this screen divides the F3 accept class of 40:94 into two new classes, F3a and F3b, for large and small accepts.
Table 1 Factor analysis Factors of HR Practices Eigen Value Alpha = 0.59 Proportion of variance accounted for = 79.8% F1A Internal development of personnel 3.5 V12 Periodic employee appraisal V13 Promotion according to the assessment V9 On-the-job training V7 Retaining socialized personnel F2A Planning of internal development of 2.4 personnel V20 Career plans V4 Candidate recruitment and selection 0.67 according to the firm's culture F3A Promoting an internal labour market 2.1 V14 Promotion vs.
In this illustration, the solid lines suggest that three concepts (labeled C1, C2, and C3) relate directly to three facts in a case (labeled F1a, F2a, and F3a).
Iveco Aifo has also launched the Cursor 8 model F2B 7.8 L engine, with the Cursor 10 model F3A 10.3 L series to follow in 2002 and the Cursor 13 model F3B 12.8 L in 2003.
To determine if differences exist between conventional aluminum alloys and castable composites, the same base-line gating system used to produce commercially acceptable aluminum 356 alloy castings was used to pour F3A.15S composites.
Dumfries Model Flying Club hosted the latest round of the Scottish League Precision Aerobatic (F3A) competitions at its Mabie flying field.
TABELA 2--Produtividade em kg/ha de frutos de primeira (FP), frutos 1B (F1B), frutos 1A (F1A), frutos 2A (F2A) e frutos 3A (F3A) de 14 genotipos de maracujazeiro-azedo.