F3HFlavonoid 3 Hydroxylase
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The Vought F8U Crusader, McDonnell F3H Demon, Douglas F4D Skyray, Grumman F11F Tiger, McDonnell F4H Phantom, North American A5A (later RA-5C) Vigilante, and the Douglas A3D Skywarrior.
The Skyray's brief service with the fleet is covered as the narrative turns to a discussion of a super-Skyray, the F5D Skylancer, Only a few examples were produced before the Navy s entire fighter/light attack lineup switched over to the F3H Demon and F7U Cutlass, and then to the F8U Crusader and F4H Phantom II.
RNAs of F3H and DFR are accumulated at a higher level in nodules than in roots of alfalfa (Charrier et al.