F4HFight for Her
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Last Friday 25 women representing F4H occupied the offices of Liberal Democrat MP Andrew George who agreed to spend a day with a family threatened by a hunt ban.
He eventually made some 900 flights at Edwards, flying the F-100, F-104, F-86, the first F4H Phantom IIs, the F5D, the X-1B, and the X-5.
where lie served as the development project officer for the new McDonnell F4H Phantom 11.
The Skyray's brief service with the fleet is covered as the narrative turns to a discussion of a super-Skyray, the F5D Skylancer, Only a few examples were produced before the Navy s entire fighter/light attack lineup switched over to the F3H Demon and F7U Cutlass, and then to the F8U Crusader and F4H Phantom II.
DeEsch, their F4H Phantom II flew the three-kilometer course at Holloman AFB, N.
He earned a place in the aviation record books in August 1961 by flying an F4H Phantom II at an average speed of 902 miles per hour, approximately 125 feet above the ground and dipping as low as 50 feet.
Promoted in 1957 to Division Director, he was soon caught up in the 1958 congressionally directed competition between the McDonnell F4H (F-4) Phantom II and Vought F8U-3 (a new design) Mach 2+ all weather fighters.