F4JFathers 4 Justice
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In 2013, actress Kate Winslet threatened to sue F4J after she made comments attacking shared parenting.
Concerns "We are very concerned that the barring of fathers from the Kids Go Wild is sexist, unlawful and possibly breaks anti-discrimination laws," said an F4J spokesman.
Many fathers don't have the money or emotional strength for lengthy court battles which is why high profile lobbies are still vital, according to F4J founder Matt O'Connor.
F4J Founder Matt O'Connor said: "This is yet another tragic case that demonstrates how family breakdown is an unfolding national tragedy for families and children.
It is believed to be linked to F4J founder Matt O'Connor standing for mayor of London for the English Democrats.
The incident was the latest in a slew of high-profile publicity stunts from F4J, who are demanding the courts give fathers equal rights of access to children in divorce settlements.
A grandfather from Bristol who has been on hunger strike for a week was also at the event to help raise awareness for the F4J group.
Phil Davies, Welsh co-ordinator of F4J, said fathers from as far afield as London, Bristol, Liverpool, and Manchester had travelled to the city for the protest.
F4J founder Matt O'Connor said: "The stories we hear are extremely upsetting.
This project is proposed as an integrated World Bank-IFC investment with the World Bank providing investment co-financing for an expected 10 percent of the project costs through its Finance for Jobs (F4J) Series of Projects (SOP).
But the theme has been criticised because it mimics the strategy of the militant group Fathers 4 Justice (F4J).
The Fathers 4 Justice (F4J) member, who served in the Falklands and Bosnia, said it was exactly a year to the day since he last saw his daughters.