F4KFutures for Kids (Raleigh, North Carolina)
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Upon receipt of a (RAND, AUTN), the USIM computes the anonymity key AK = [f.sub.5]k (RAND) and retrieves the unconcealed sequence number SQN = (SQN [direct sum] AK) [direct sum] AK, XMAC-A = [f.sub.1]k (SQN [parallel] RAND [parallel] AMF), the response RES = [f.sub.2]k (RAND), the cipher key CK = [f.sub.3]k (RAND) and the integrity key IK = f4k (RAND) as shown in fig.2.
Lt Cmdr Marshall commanded 767 Fleet Air Arm squadron which had the task of converting naval aircrew and also RAF aircrew to the then brand new F4K Phantom.