F4TFood for Thought
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Watlow's high quality F4T controller offers robust algorithms for temperature, cascade, altitude, humidity and compressor functions, which lowers ownership costs, eliminates the need for separate discrete components, reduces complexity and simplifies ordering and installation.
* The F4T comes with preconfigured screens; customers do not have to create their own screens from scratch.
* The F4T allows a user to personalise the look and layout of up to four home screens.
* Most of the control algorithms used in the F4T controller, as well as the input/output hardware electronics, have been deployed in other designs that have been used in over 100,000 installations worldwide.
Remote Access: can the F4T send an email or text message if an out-of limits condition exists or if a profile completes?
* The F4T controller features an Ethernet communications port that allows connection to the controller via the Internet for remote access.
* The F4T controller is available with a data logging option.
* The F4T allows for the ability to update to new firmware on controllers.
* The F4T can control from one to four PID process loops.
* The F4T controller has five independent PID sets that can be utilised to help ensure optimum process control is achieved.
* Flex modules allow users and OEMs to modify or add inputs, outputs and other capabilities after buying and installing an F4T controller.