F8CCoagulation Factor VIIIc Gene
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El resultado del analisis fue la identificacion de ligamiento entre homosexualidad y cinco marcadores en la porcion distal Xq28, agrupados en una region de 2,8 a 4,3 cM (DXS52, G6PD, F8C, DXS1108, DXYS154), con valores de significacion menores de 0,0057.
Long distance PCR in detection of inversion mutations of F8C gene in hemophilia A patients.
In fact, unlike other frequent genetic disorders, such as hemophilia A, in which ~50% of patients carry an inversion of F8C intron 8 (1), and cystic fibrosis, in which the microdeletion DF508 is present in up to 80% of mutated alleles (16), no predominant or ethnicity-specific mutations were present in the FIX gene in patients with HB.