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FA-1FLAG Atlantic (sub-sea cable; UK)
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Access to FA-1 will be available from telehouses in New York, London and Paris through metro rings that are expected to be operational by the end of the current month.
Fully funded, FA-1 is a 14,500km fiberoptic dual cable loop system with a six-fiber pair configuration, 10Gbps technology and a maximum 40 wavelengths of light per fiber pair.
According to FLAG FA-1 is the world's first multi-Tb dual cable system connecting London, Paris and New York.
FLAG Telecom is building one of the largest and most extensive global networks and FA-1 is a key element in our worldwide plans.
FA-1 is being built as a loop system with three self-healing, high-capacity loops making the system highly resilient with no single point of failure.
FA-1 is designed to consist of three self-healing, high-capacity loops with twin terrestrial access points connecting seamlessly into other FLAG Telecom networks.
Ed McCormack, COO of FLAG Telecom, said: "Following sales commitments and indications of future demand across this high-traffic route, we have accelerated the timing of the upgrade of our capacity on FA-1.
FA-1 was announced in January 1999 as a joint venture between Global TeleSystems (GTS) and FLAG Telecom.
As a major stakeholder in the project, our support of FA-1 remains undiminished.
As a major stakeholder in the project, our support for FA-1 remains undiminished.
Ed McCormack, Director of FLAG Atlantic- 1 and COO and CFO of FLAG Telecom, said: "We are delighted to be able to report that the FA-1 project continues to plan and to budget and is on track to enter commercial service in some six months time.