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FA1Fetal Antigen 1 (biochemistry)
FA1Functional Area 1
FA1Facies Association 1 (sedimentology)
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El grupo CA1 esta compuesto por las estaciones de monitoreo que integran al FA1; los factores predominantes estan determinados por asentamientos significativamente poblados e influencia de los tajos de produccion de la zona sur.
En el afloramiento de Tamajon las cunas del Cenomaniense Superior de la Formation Utrillas estan compuestas por 4 asociaciones de facies (FA1 a FA4), que se disponen discordantes sobre materiales triasicos.
As for DTG curve, one can notice that in case of foams obtained from the polyol component with the highest boron content (Table 6, FA1), 3 extremes occur--the first at 210[degrees]C, the second at 240[degrees]C, and the third one at 315[degrees]C.
Collection sites were Ch1 and Fa1 at pre, Ch2 and Fa2 at post, Ch3 and Fa3 at 60 min, and Ch4 and Fa4 at 120 min (Figure 1b).
The aim of this study was to further assess the function of DLK-1 and its soluble form, known as fetal antigen 1(FA1) [18], in regard to a potential biological diversity between USSC and CB MSC which might have impact on future clinical use.
The human IFN[alpha]2a sequence was used as a template to design the first huIFN[alpha]2a synthetic fragment by PCR assembly using the synthetic primers Fa1, Fb1 and Fc1 (Table 1) and two external primers, 5' forward FfgsI and 3' reverse RfgsI.
They are considered as independent variables and have been marked as (Fa1, Fa2, Fa3, Fa4, Fa5, and Fa6).
(3) Under the facts of the example, it is unclear why FAT would be denied in respect of any FAPI earned by FA1, FA2, or FA3.