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FA1Fetal Antigen 1 (biochemistry)
FA1Functional Area 1
FA1Facies Association 1 (sedimentology)
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Este metodo agrupo tres grupos, donde el CA1 pertenece a FA1 y donde CA3 representa los sitios de monitoreo con menor influencia de las actividades mineras por las direcciones predominantes de los vientos (direccion NE-E).
Due to the predominance of channelized deposits and the absence of lateral flood plain deposits, FA1 represents deposition of sands and gravels as channel-bars in multi-story channels, which are usually characterized by a low sinuosity pattern (Benvenuti and Del Conte, 2013).
FA1 owns all of the common and preferred shares of the capital stock of FA2, also a U.
The FA1, QCL cement, and additional components of FAP1 had a pH of 11.
These two indices correspond to FA1 and FA4 of Palmer (1994) who considered them as the most useful descriptors of FA.
Thus each valve also has a flow meter next to it (FVA, FVB, FA1, FA2, FB1, FB2, and MO1 and MO2 for the mass output flow rates).
FA1 covers information security, planning, IT and enterprise architecture, investment management, project management, training, communication support, human capital management and other IT support task orders worth $115 million combined.
05) after 12h of incubation followed by FA3, FA1 and control, respectively while FA4 was not detected.
The FA1 (2005) reports that in both 2003 and 2004, the last years for which statistics are available currently, about twice the number of contracting occupational series hires came from internal hires and employees changing agencies than came from external hires.
SERDI award consisted of constellations and Functional areas: Constellation 1- FA1, Constellation 1- FA2, Constellation 1- FA3 and Constellation 1- FA4.
To the facts in C, add the assumption that FA1 would otherwise be an Investment Business but for its ability to demonstrate to CRA that it satisfies the requirements of the carve-out in subparagraph (b) of the Investment Business definition.