FAAAAFederal Aviation Administration Authorization Act of 1994
FAAAAFriends of African and African American Art (Detroit Institute of Arts; Detroit, MI)
FAAAAFleet Air Arm Association of Australia (naval aviation)
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A three-judge panel weighed in with a September 2018 opinion upholding the lower court's FAAAA view and reversing the decision invalidating AB 219-rooted California Labor Code changes as unconstitutional on equal protection grounds.
did not purport to replace the Borello standard in every instance where a worker must be classified as either an independent contractor or an employee for purposes of enforcing California's labor protections." (170) The unanimous panel ruling sounded a warning that its prior decisions had deemed legislation compelling uniform standards inconsistent with preemptive dictates of the FAAAA. (171) The road to state trucking regulation of independent contractor misclassifications may be a difficult one.
"The defendants are correct that prong two draws the independent contractor statute into the gravitational pull of the FAAAA's preemption.
To the extent that the first and third prongs have an effect on motor carriers, we conclude that such an effect is too 'indirect, remote, and tenuous' to trigger the FAAAA's preemption.
AGG." (136) The district court found that [section] 14501(c) of the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act of 1994 (FAAAA) (137) preempted local regulation of "motor carriers" (138) hauling mixed solid waste.
Therefore, because the FAAAA limited local regulation of motor carriers hauling property, the FAAAA preempted the defendants' regulation of AGG.
On appeal, the defendants argued that Congress did not intend to preempt local regulation of MSW collection when it passed the FAAAA. The Ninth Circuit agreed.
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notamment un manuscrit du Saint Coran, un fusil (Mokahla), un sabre et une paire de vantaux de porte en bois de cAaAaAeA?dre provenant de FAaAa
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