FAAAAFederal Aviation Administration Authorization Act of 1994
FAAAAFleet Air Arm Association of Australia (naval aviation)
FAAAAFriends of African and African American Art (Detroit Institute of Arts; Detroit, MI)
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143) The court stated that to find that the FAAAA preempted local regulation of MSW collection, it must find a "clear and manifest" congressional intent to preempt.
To determine whether Congress intended to preempt local regulation of hauling MSW, the court examined the text of the FAAAA as well as the Act's structure and purpose.
In addition, the Solicitor General's office, representing the views of the federal government, joined with ATA in urging the Court to hold that the Port's requirements are impermissibly in conflict with the Congressional policy articulated in the FAAAA.
Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers also oppose any change to the FAAAA.
The American Association of Port Authorities also refused to endorse the Port of Los Angeles position on amending the FAAAA.
We are also working on the FAAAA bill to find additional federal regulations that would allow us to use effective regulatory tools," Ward said at a press conference, referencing a push that major port-city mayors on both coasts have led to modernize outdated statutes of the 1980 federal motor carrier act.