FAABFree As A Bird (Beatles song)
FAABFree Agent Acquisition Budget (fantasy baseball)
FAABFunctional Assessment of Academic Behavior
FAABFemale-Assigned at Birth (gender)
FAABFrequency Allocation Advisory Board
FAABFamily Allowance, Classes A and B
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Also a few pages might have been given up profitably to the consideration of the indigenous flora and fauna of Kukuanaland.
All about us was a flora and fauna as strange and wonderful to us as might have been those upon a distant planet had we suddenly been miraculously transported through ether to an unknown world.
The two took long walks through the untouched jungle, exploring their little island, and never failing to find some new and wonderful proof of Nature's creative power among its flora and fauna.
The weird flora and fauna of Caspak were as possible under the thick, warm atmospheric conditions of the super-heated crater as they were in the Mesozoic era under almost exactly similar conditions, which were then probably world-wide.
FAAB is a charity organisation which is now in its 10th year and was first established inside the US Naval Base in Juffair.
The addition of FAAB and FABRICAUTO broadens 3M's vehicle registration solutions offering beyond reflective sheeting to finished license plates in France.
The WestJet Inflight leadership team and FAAB began negotiations in May 2014, to develop a tentative agreement to replace the flight attendants' memorandum of agreement.
As the current provider of license plates distributed throughout France, FAAB and FABRICAUTO are in a unique position to serve the motorist needs created by the new S.
Michael Zerbs, President and Chief Operating Officer of Algorithmics commented, 'The FAAB program will provide access to leading edge research and thinking across markets and will foster the opportunity to explore new ideas and concepts which can be incorporated into our market solutions.
While the art auction's proceeds will fund Kaspar's trip to New York to participate in FAAB, the concert's beneficiaries are the Sagada and Norzagaray Special Education (Sped) Centers, which FCP operates.
For Thomas, the results of the BEA, error analysis, and the FAAB suggest he would profit from more practice in reading.
After a second FAAB hearing in August 2001, the county filed a civil action in Superior Court against the owners, seeking penalties and injunctive relief for violations of county codes and the creation of a public nuisance.