FAACTFunctional Assessment of Anorexia/Cachexia Therapy (appetite assessment)
FAACTFellow of the American Academy of Clinical Toxicology
FAACTFamilies against Abusive Chiropractic Treatments (Canada)
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Over the 12-week treatment period, FAACT scores were significantly higher in the anamorelin arm than in the placebo arm (change from baseline of 4.
MAA collects HEDIS[R] results from MCOs, conducts studies with the EQRO, and sponsors a statewide survey using the CAHPS[R] and FAACT survey instruments.
James Mowry, PharmD, DABAT, FAACT, the director of Indiana Poison Center in Indianapolis, Ind.
8 watts) also resulted in improvements in quality of life as measured by FAACT (Functional Assessment of Anorexia/Cachexia Treatment) and FACIT-F (Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Treatment Fatigue) scales, as well as a separate FACIT-fatigue subscale.
Smith, MD, FASAM, FAACT, Founder of the Haight Ashbury Free Clinics in San Francisco, California, Diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM), and Past President of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).
Smith, MD, FASAM, FAACT Diplomate, American Board of Addiction Medicine, Director, Buxton-Smith Center for Research on Addiction Medicine and the Free Clinic Movement, San Francisco.