FAADSFederal Assistance Awards Data System (NSF)
FAADSForward Area Air Defense System
FAADSForward Area Air Defense Sensors
FAADSField Army Air Defense System
FAADSForward Area Air Defense Study
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Stein and Bickers assembled FAADS files from fiscal year 1983 to 1990
Unlike prior studies using FAADS, (75) we disaggregate the data by
Previously, BEA allocated the state estimates of railroad retirement and disability benefits, a component of personal current transfer receipts, using county-level data from the Census Bureau's FAADS. BEA now uses similar data published on the Treasury Department's USAspending.gov Web site.
Previously, BEA allocated the state estimates to counties on the basis of data from FAADS. Because the GDX Report has data for counties as well as for states, starting with the estimates for 2009, the GDX data are now used as the allocating series for both counties and states.
(139) For more information on the limitations of both FAADS and FPDS, see U.S.
No central source tracks federal funds passed through an initial recipient, such as a state, and the nonprofit status of recipients was not reliably identified in FPDS-NG or FAADS. Factors contributing to data limitations include the nonprofit status of recipients being self-reported and no consistent definition of nonprofit across data systems.
The CFFR utilizes data collected from FAADS, FPDS-NG and a collection of federal agencies to track funding within a number of high-level spending categories, including retirement and disability, other direct payments, grants, procurement contracts, salaries and wages, direct loans, guaranteed or insured loans, and insurance.
It also equips the Boeing Avenger, the Line-Of-Sight Rear (LOS-R) component of the US Army's Forward Area Air Defense (FAADS) system.
It might therefore serve not only as the Line-Of-Sight, Forward-Heavy (LOSF-H) element of FAADS, but possibly also as a supplement to the dedicated heavy anti-tank system with which the Army is seeking to replace its obsolescent M901 Improved TOW Vehicles.
PHOTO : Part of the US Army's FAADS, the Avenger consists of a gyrostabilized twin quadruple-tube launcher developed by Boeing Aerospace and mounted on a 4x4 Hummer.