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FAASFinancial Accounting Advisory Services (EY)
FAASField Archery Association Switzerland
FAASFlame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
FAASFurniture as a Service
FAASFederation of American Aquarium Societies
FAASFédération des Anciens et Adultes du Scoutisme Français (French: Veterans and Adults French Scouting Association)
FAASFellow of the Australian Academy of Science (also seen as FAA)
FAASFöderation Amerikaner Autoclubs Schweiz (German: American Car Club Federation of Switzerland; Switzerland)
FAASFriends of the Attleboro Animal Shelter (Massachusetts)
FAASFiltering as a Service
FAASFront Arabo-Africain de Salut (Arabic-African Salvation Front)
FAASFirst Aid Station Assistant
FAASFederated Authentication & Authorization Service (Shell)
FAASFlameless Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
FAASForeign Affairs Administrative Support
FAASFinnish America's Army Soldier (Finnish America's Army gaming clan)
FAASForward Area Alerting System
FAASForage Additives Approval Scheme (UK)
FAASFixed Asset Accountability System
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The determination of Cu2+ in A and B was carried out by using FAAS to measure the adsorption capacity and the desorption ratio.
Sierra, Solid Phase Extraction of Pb(II) in Water Samples Using a New Hybrid Inorganic-Organic Mesoporous Silica Prior to its Determination by FAAS, Microchim.
The metal ions levels in the samples were analyzed by using FAAS.
After filtration 10 mL of upper part of solution was further diluted to a final volume of 100 mL and analysis was carried out by FAAS.
For determination of vanadium in ABA digested samples, MW-AD followed by FAAS (ATI Unicam 929 model) and ICP-OES (Perkin Elmer Optima 2100 DV) were used.
MW-AD followed by ICP-OES and FAAS were used for the determination of V in asphaltite bottom ash.
The paired analytical data collected from each sample (XRF versus the FAAS reference method) were examined to determine whether a statistically significant difference existed between the analytical results obtained with the XRF method and those obtained with the FAAS method.
The sample cup was placed in a labeled plastic bag for later laboratory analysis by FAAS.
A given species was considered to interfere if it resulted in a 5% variation of the FAAS signal.
Under optimized conditions, a rapid and sensitive method for determining Pb and Cd from traditional chinese medicine samples was established by the coupling of MSPE with FAAS.
0 mL of acetonitrile solution was added to the surfactant- rich phase to reduce its viscosity prior to determination of iron by FAAS at 248.
This decrease in analytical signal may be due to the increase of the surfactant concentration deteriorating the FAAS signal.