FAATFirst Article Acceptance Test
FAATFully Analytical Aerotriangulation
FAATFootshock Active Avoidance Training
FAATFast Anterograde Axoplasmic Transport
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"The Afrocentric Paradigm and Womanist Agendas in Ousmane Sembene's Faat Kine (2001)." Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East 26.2 (2006): 213-24.
That scene of denunciation recalls Rama's retort to her father (in Xala) that all polygamists are liars, and the long-drawn battle of words in Faat Kine (2000) between Djib and Omar Payan, his long-absent father.
Patients and staff wished each other "Gung hei faat choih!" meaning ''good fortune" before enjoying a Chinese banquet for lunch.
Most recently, in Faat Kine, he dramatized the entrepreneurial and familial struggles of a Dakar woman, who had worked her way up into the middle class by running a gas station.
And very much like the badly burned grandmother from Sembene's recent "Faat Kine," she will, by pic's end, bear both the physical and emotional sears resulting from that decision.
Yesterday's Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper said another rider, Russian Faat Zakirov, had tested positive on Friday for NESP, a second-generation form of the banned performance-enchancing drug EPO.
Faat Kine, by 78-year-old Ousmane Sembene of Senegal, presents the story of an unwed mother who at first seems to have it good: She has worked her way up to a managerial position at a gasoline station and her two teenage children have just completed their baccalaureate studies.
His latest film, Faat Kine, which tells of the trials and tribulations of three generations of Senegalese women, opened recently to generally positive reviews in Dakar, and amply maintains his commitment to speak for those in society whose voices are seldom heard.
Liang Fa's name in Cantonese (his native dialect) is Leuhng Gung Faat. His pamphlet Good Words for Exhorting the Age (in Chinese) strongly influenced Hong Xiuquan and the Taiping Rebellion.
I was not allowed the Abs dm faat "I had a considerable amount of excess skin following my weight loss.
Gangtok (Sikkim), Sep 9(ANI): Hundreds of people came together in Gangtok recently to celebrate Tendong Lho Rum Faat, which is a festival of the indigenous tribe of Sikkim "The Lepchas".