FABMSFast Atom Bombardment Mass Spectroscopy
FABMSFast Atomic Bombardment Mass Spectrometry
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The positive FABMS exhibited a pseudo-molecular ion peak at m/z 619 [M+H]+ with an M+2 peak at m/z 621.
FABMS and HRFABMS were calculated on Finnigan (Varian MAT, Waldbronn, Germany) JMS Hx110 with a data system and JMSA 500 mass spectrometers.
We thank EPSRC National Mass Spectrometry Service Centre (Department of Chemistry, University of Wales, Swansea, Swansea, Wales, UK) for FABMS analysis.
EIMS FABMS and HRFABMS spectra were measured on Jeol JMS-HX 110 spectrometer.
The structures of these compounds were confirmed by UV, IR, NMR (1H and13C) spectroscopy and mass spectrometry (EIMS, HREIMS, FABMS, HRFABMS) and in comparison with reported data in literature.
Their structures were determined by using 1D-NMR (1H, 13C), mass spectrometry (EIMS, HREIMS, FABMS, HRFABMS) and comparison with the reported data.