FABPFatty Acid-Binding Protein
FABPFetal Arterial Blood Pressure
FABPFolic Acid Binding Protein Levels (pediatrics)
FABPFemoral-Artery Blood Pressure Measurements (endovascular surgery)
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FABP 2 gene polymorphism and metabolic syndrome in elderly people of Croatian descent.
Synthesis of Antiproliferation sexual hormones Breast cancer EST p53, p21 Prostate cancer p53, p21, Kipl, IGFBP3, Per2, Clock, pAKT Ovary cancer p53, Apoptosis Cell cycle Antiangiogenesis Breast cancer p53, p21, p53, p21 Tie-2 caspase3, caspase7, caspase9, PARP, Bax, Bad, TGFb-1 Prostate cancer p53, p21, Kipl, p53, miRNA3195, JNK, p38, PKC, miRNA374b, HIF-1 caspase3, caspase8, caspase9, TGFb- 1, PARP, Bax Ovary cancer p53, caspase3, p53, Bax, PARP Invasion- metastasis Breast cancer E-cadherin, betal-integrin, ROCK, cadherinl3, GSK3[beta], Prostate cancer Ovary cancer FABP, ATP5F1B, HSP10 Table 3: Melatonin downregulated and/or inhibited molecular targets in breast, prostate, and ovary cancer.
Because Herbalog performance was favorable in ROC analysis, we applied the Herbalog tool to the identification of fatty acid-binding protein (FABP) 4 inhibitors from natural products.
FA transporters (FATP) and cytosolic FA-binding proteins (FABP) are probably involved in these processes (12).
Through its activities, ITC's Food and Agri-Business Programme (FABP) is developing scalable solutions by taking a market perspective.
La transferencia del medio micelar favorable al medio acuoso desfavorable del epitelio, se facilita por la proteina enlazante de acidos grasos (FABP, del ingles Fatty Acid Binding Protein).
En el enterocito, ademas, actuan dos proteinas llamadas FABPs ("fatty acid binding protein") que unen acidos grasos; una es la FABP intestinal (I-FABP) y la otra es la FABP hepatica (L-FABP).
Entre los mas conocidos y estudiados hasta el momento se encuentran el FABP y la CD36 (Figura 2 #9).
As principais proteinas ja identificadas da MGGL sao: adipofilina (ADPH), butirofilina (BTN), antigenos de diferenciacao (CD36), mucina 1 (MUC1), acido periodico de Schiff III (PASIII), acido periodico de Schiff 6/7 (PAS 6/7), proteose peptona 3 (PP3), xantino dehidrogenase/oxidase (XDH/XO) e proteina ligante de acidos graxos (FABP).
"We have developed several mice models that are deficient in adipocyte/macrophage fatty acid binding proteins (FABP) and demonstrated that these animals were protected from some of the most detrimental effects of dietary intake of high levels of calories and fatty acids through alterations in the gene expression pattern of adipocytes, macrophages and systemic metabolic responses," he said.