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FABP1Fatty Acid Binding Protein 1 (antibody)
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In this study, the researchers found that people who survived acetaminophen-associated liver failure had "significantly lower serum FABP1 levels early [day 1] (238.6 vs.
the liver - L-FABP (gene FABP1), myocardium and skeletal muscle--H-FABP
From a mechanistic standpoint it is important to point out that FA binding proteins (FABP, particularly FABP1 and FABP4) are important in channeling intracellular nonactivated (i.e., without addition of the CoA group) LCFA not only to the various organelles but also to the nucleus where the LCFA can activate PPAR.
Previous studies demonstrated that NGAL, KIM-1, a-GST, liver type fatty acid-binding protein 1 (FABP1), and N-acetyl-[beta]--D-glucosaminidase are detectable in urine following renal injury (32, 39, 40).
Among the genes related to FA transport, CD36, Fabp1, and Fabp2 were upregulated while Fabp4 was down-regulated (data not shown).