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FABP2Fatty Acid Binding protein 2
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Although SNPs were located on obesity-related genes, some of the genes also have a direct role in lipid metabolism including PPARG, FABP2, PLIN1, NPC1, ACSL5, and FAAH, suggesting relationships between genetics, adiposity, and plasma lipid profiles.
GPR120 (jejunum, Linear and Quadratic, P < 0.001; ileum, Linear, P < 0.001) and FABP2 (jejunum, Linear, P < 0.001; ileum, Linear and Quadratic, P < 0.001) expression levels were both suppressed by L-theanine treatments.
FABP2 also displays high-affinity binding for long chain fatty acids and is believed to be involved with uptake and trafficking of lipids in the intestine [21].
Dietary fatty acids uptake might be suppressed by downregulating GPR120 and FABP2 transcripts in the intestine of rats.
Compared with sham group, modified Chiu's score (Figure 2(b)) was significantly increased in IIR group, accompanied with elevation of serums DAO, DLA, and FABP2 levels (p < 0.05, Figures 2(c)-2(e)).
Meanwhile, blocking Lipoxin A4 receptor (ALXR) using Boc-2 could aggregate intestinal mucosa injury with concomitant increase in serums DAO, DLA, and FABP2. This suggests that activating ALXR represents a mechanism whereby Lipoxin A4 preconditioning confers protection against IIR injury.
The 1.6-fold increase in Cyp7b1 (Table 1), and the downregulation of fatty acid-binding protein-2 (Fabp2) and apolipoprotein AIV (Apoa4) (Table 2), provide further evidence of the possible involvement of CYP1A2 in fatty acid and cholesterol pathways.
Table II.- Ala54Thr genotype and allele frequencies for FABP2 polymorphism (n = 400).
Table III.- Association of FABP2 Ala54Thr genotype with risk of metabolic syndrome.
There were no significant difference in SREBP-2, ME, ICDH, ApoB and FABP2 mRNA expression between Kp-10 treated and control cells (p>0.05).