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FABP6Fatty Acid Binding Protein 6
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We compared our dataset with a curated list of a total 601 genes and molecules implicated in psychological depression (IPA) and found 13 genes common showing significant differential methylation (Figure 2, Supplement 4), including BTG2, FABP6, GRIN1, HRH1, HSD17B1, MDFI, OXT, and TSPO.
After uptake into the enterocyte, the transcellular movement of BS is mediated by cytosolic ileal bile acid-binding protein, also known as fatty acid-binding protein 6 or gastrotropin (IBABP, FABP6, gene FABP6), that is cytoplasmically attached to ASBT [30].
FXR then promotes bile salts movement from the apical to the basolateral membrane of enterocytes via ileal bile acid-binding protein (IBABP or FABP6) [37] and promotes recycling of bile acids to the liver via organic solute transporters OST[alpha] and OST[beta] [38].