FABUFleet Air Base Unit (US Navy)
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Fabu threatened to ring his neck, although he was not cruelly inclined, notwithstanding his big whiskers and tattooings.
But she believed that he had been poisoned, and although she had no proofs whatever, her suspicion rested on Fabu.
Afterwards she said that she wished to speak to Fabu.
And Fabu became excited and was about to make trouble.
Hang Nguyen, chief technology officer at FABU America, a FABU Research and Development Division, said, 'With proprietary deep learning algorithms and a custom acceleration architecture, FABU is revolutionising intelligent information processing with an enormous improvement in energy efficiency and performance.
Bahaa Osman, FABU America's Verification Team Leader, adds, Our experience with IDesignSpec has been extremely positive.
FABU, which was produced and mixed-mastered by Dre-sticks, is a representation and lyrical contents that have to do with normal, street story-telling, and will definitely be a sharp departure from other songs.
Fabu said: "I thought let's show Ireland how funny I can be, with my struggle I don't want to stop until I get to the top."
StyleGrab is developed and maintained by FABU Inc., an app development company founded in 2012.
(182.) Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Jiji Jianxing Zeren, Pufayinhang Fabu 06 Qiye Shehui Zeren Baogao [Taking Responsibilities, SPD Released 06 CRE Report] (2007), http://www.spdb.com.cn/docpage/C419/200706/0628_419_14914.aspx.
"Li Sanlang ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Xuanzong's nick name was Sanlang and his last name was Li) loved Faqu deeply and established Liyuan as his Fabu ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
Guowuyuan fabu shanghai liangge zhongxin jianshe yijian [State