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FACFirst Amended Complaint (legal)
FACFind a Cure
FACFormal Aspects of Computing (journal)
FACFinal Acceptance Certificate
FACFlorida Administrative Code
FACFast Attack Craft
FACFederal Advisory Committee
FACFinancement Agricole Canada (French: Farm Credit Canada)
FACFine Arts Center
FACFederal Acquisition Circular
FACFirst Apostolic Church (various locations)
FACFinancial Advisory Committee
FACForces Armées Congolaises (French: Congolese Armed Forces)
FACField Archery Club (UK)
FACFinance and Administration Committee (NEAFC)
FACFamily Assistance Center
FACFirst Alliance Church (Florida)
FACFeatured Artists Coalition
FACFlorida Association of Counties
FACFluorouracil, Doxorubicin, Cyclophosphamide
FACFerry Advisory Committee
FACFiscal Affairs Committee (various schools)
FACFlow Accelerated Corrosion
FACFood and Agricultural Code (California)
FACFederal Audit Clearinghouse
FACForward Air Control(ler)
FACFoothills Art Center (Golden, CO)
FACFood and Agriculture Committee
FACFrederick Arts Council (Frederick, MD)
FACForeign Affairs Committee (UK)
FACFood Aid Convention
FACFuerza Aerea Colombiana
FACFile Access Code
FACFeature Access Code
FACFace Graphics
FACFranchise Advisory Council (various locations)
FACFoundation Advisory Council (various locations)
FACFast Axis Collimation (optics)
FACForeign Assets Control
FACFootball Association (Challenge) Cup
FACFlorida Airports Council
FACFederación Argentina de Cardiología (Argentinian Federation of Cardiology)
FACFederación Argentina de Cardiología (Federación Argentina de Cardiología)
FACForeign Affairs Canada
FACFirst Aid Case (one-time treatment and observation of minor injury)
FACFederal Airports Corporation
FACFirearms Acquisition Certificate (Canada)
FACFood Advisory Committee
FACFinal Approach Course
FACFirst Amendment Center
FACFriday Afternoon Club
FACFree Active Chlorine (electrochemical water treatment)
FACFlight Augmentation Computer (autopilot)
FACFree Available Chlorine
FACField-Aligned Currents
FACFacility Contract
FACFinal Assembly Code
FACFuel Adjustment Clause
FACFinal Acceptance Criteria
FACFace-Amount Certificate (finance)
FACFellowship Advisory Committee (various organizations)
FACFinance and Accounting Club (Purdue University; Indiana)
FACFamily Assistance Centre (UK)
FACFood Assistance Center
FACFully Allocated Costs
FACFitness Assessment Cell (US DoD)
FACFractal Aspect Component (Aspect-Oriented Programming project)
FACFamily Action Council (public policy group on eating disorders)
FACForecast at Completion (project management)
FACForced Authorization Code
FACFanart Central (forum)
FACFood and Agriculture Council (USDA)
FACForeign Air Carrier
FACFeatured Article Candidate (Wikimedia Foundation)
FACFreethought Association of Canada (Toronto, ON, Canada)
FACFriday After Class
FACFellowship Admissions Course
FACFinancial Attack Center (US FEMA)
FACfourth amended complaint (legal)
FACFacility Analysis Category
FACFuture Agricultures Consortium (UK)
FACFunctional Area Chief
FACFriendship Agape Church (San Jose, California)
FACFind Area Code (Mountain Data Systems)
FACFederación Argentina de Colectividades (Spanish: Argentine Federation of Communities)
FACFlorida Aero Club
FACFlight Activity Category
FACFlat Ass Calm (in reference to sea state)
FACFenway Action Coalition
FACFlorida Archaeological Council, Inc.
FACFor All Coffeemakers
FACFinancial Administrative Control
FACfifth amended complaint (legal)
FACFull Absorption Costing (accounting)
FACForecast Acquisition Cost
FACForwarding Agent Cachet (philately)
FACFilter, Air, Cleanable
FACFully Absorbed Cost
FACForce Accounting Code
FACFunctional Account Chief/Code
FACFunds At Completion
FACFirst Alert Capability
FACFeature Attribute Code
FACForce Accounting Controller
FACFine Arts Conservancy, Inc.
FACFormation Aéronautique Conseil
FACFranklin Acceptance Corporation
FACFinal Acceptance Criterion
FACField Air Command
FACFun Activities Committee (various organizations)
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It is not necessary to start with all the formality of bylaws, large numbers of FAC members, officers, sub-committees, elections, etc.
Thank you to all at FAC for your contributions to the Company's success over the past 33 years.
Prescot Cables v Buxton FAC 1st Qual Rd, 3pm CABLES go into tomorrow afternoon's cup-tie hoping to rediscover the goal-scoring touch that saw them hit New Mills for seven last Saturday.
QCI timely appealed the trial court's decision granting summary judgment in favor of FAC and Clark Fitzgibbons.
Very simply, as quickly as possible, Congress must put in place a long-term fiscal stabilization plan and do nothing to aggravate FAC discounting.
Millen, USAF, turns his attention to Southeast Asia, extensively surveying FAC (airborne) (FAC[A]) operations in the Vietnam War.
Since 2007, the FAC Dubai office has been valuable in assisting its members with doing business in the UAE.
First signed in 1967, and renewed five times since then, the FAC is unique in that it is the only treaty under which signatories have a legal obligation to provide international development assistance.
According to CENS, FAC tried to install a 375cc hybrid propulsion system in its Matiz model last year, but the vehicle did not exceed a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour.
Many books have been written about the F-105s and F-4s up north, but this fills in a great deal of the history of the war from the perspective of the fliers in the small FAC aircraft.
The airborne FAC is then responsible for relaying the target information to the close-air support fighters who are standing by for target options.