FACCEFellow of the American College of Clinical Engineers
FACCEFloridians Against Common Core Education
FACCEFrontal Analysis Continuous Capillary Electrophoresis
FACCEFellow, American College of Childbirth Educators
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Entrambe le facce del pezzo sono lisce e su una delle due superfici si rilevano delle incisioni corrispondenti a rette che si intersecano tra loro nel centro del manufatto oltre ad una semi-circonferenza.
to have two FACES, French avoir double VISAGE ('face'), Italian avere due FACCE ('face'), German zweiGESICHTig ('face') sein; Mod.E.
Integrating Technology in Nursing Education: Tools for the Knowledge Era Kathleen Mastrian, PhD, RN, Dee McGonigle, PhD, RN, FAAAN, FACCE, Wendy L.
While her next few tournaments are second-tier events, they are crucial in her bid to facce the world's best once again on a level footing.
For the dialect of Mattinata, Granatiero (1987: 81) reports hei mangete/dermute 'I've eaten/ slept' with aux H (in all persons), like in m'hei sciacquete la facce 'I've rinsed my face' (indirect transitive reflexive) and as opposed to aux E in so ssgute 'I've gone', ms na so scurdete 'I've forgotten' (retroherent unaccusative; cf.
Finally, we would like to thank Katie Capitulo, DNSc, RN, FACCE, and Stephen Dolgin, MD, and for their ongoing support of this valuable program.
Per fortuna: era un incubo terribile, l'albergo appariva come un luogo di supplizi e allucinazioni, i camerieri non avevano facce umane bensi da mostri, sembrava di stare tra le pagine di un romanzo di Lovecraft, suscitava solo orrore e desiderio di risvegliarsi.
FACCE hopes to take Mayor Matteo Ionata to court because they claim he organises the event in the village of Chieuti.
Smith, BSE, FACCE, IBCLC: Why Johnny Can't Suck: The Impact of Birthing Practices on the Newborn.
Gabriele, John P., "Le Discours feminin comme expression de la crise de conscience nationale chez Azorin, Unamuno et Valle-Inclan", en Genevieve Fabry (ed.), Les ecrivains espagnols facce a la crise de 1898, Les Lettres Romanes, no hors serie, 1998, pp.
"Mon," said Muir, "can ye see unmoved the glory of the Almight?" "Oh, it's very fine," was the reply, "but I do not wear my heart upon my sleeve." "Ah, my dear mon," said Muir, "in the facce of such a scene as this, it's not time to be thinkin' o' where you wear your heart."