FACCEFellow of the American College of Clinical Engineers
FACCEFloridians Against Common Core Education
FACCEFrontal Analysis Continuous Capillary Electrophoresis
FACCEFellow, American College of Childbirth Educators
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Entrambe le facce del pezzo sono lisce e su una delle due superfici si rilevano delle incisioni corrispondenti a rette che si intersecano tra loro nel centro del manufatto oltre ad una semi-circonferenza.
to have two FACES, French avoir double VISAGE ('face'), Italian avere due FACCE ('face'), German zweiGESICHTig ('face') sein; Mod.E.
Integrating Technology in Nursing Education: Tools for the Knowledge Era Kathleen Mastrian, PhD, RN, Dee McGonigle, PhD, RN, FAAAN, FACCE, Wendy L.
While her next few tournaments are second-tier events, they are crucial in her bid to facce the world's best once again on a level footing.
For the dialect of Mattinata, Granatiero (1987: 81) reports hei mangete/dermute 'I've eaten/ slept' with aux H (in all persons), like in m'hei sciacquete la facce 'I've rinsed my face' (indirect transitive reflexive) and as opposed to aux E in so ssgute 'I've gone', ms na so scurdete 'I've forgotten' (retroherent unaccusative; cf.
Finally, we would like to thank Katie Capitulo, DNSc, RN, FACCE, and Stephen Dolgin, MD, and for their ongoing support of this valuable program.
Per fortuna: era un incubo terribile, l'albergo appariva come un luogo di supplizi e allucinazioni, i camerieri non avevano facce umane bensi da mostri, sembrava di stare tra le pagine di un romanzo di Lovecraft, suscitava solo orrore e desiderio di risvegliarsi.
FACCE hopes to take Mayor Matteo Ionata to court because they claim he organises the event in the village of Chieuti.
Smith, BSE, FACCE, IBCLC: Why Johnny Can't Suck: The Impact of Birthing Practices on the Newborn.
"Mon," said Muir, "can ye see unmoved the glory of the Almight?" "Oh, it's very fine," was the reply, "but I do not wear my heart upon my sleeve." "Ah, my dear mon," said Muir, "in the facce of such a scene as this, it's not time to be thinkin' o' where you wear your heart."