FACELForges et Ateliers de Construction d'Eure et Loire (French car manufacturer)
FACELAsociacion Española de Fabricantes de Conductores Electricos (Spain)
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Facel Vega, a France-based automaker, is expected to launch its Facel Vega coupe at the 2013 Paris Motor Show, scheduled for next autumn.
El vehiculo era un Facel Vega de 325 caballos de fuerza.
Gallimard was driving and somehow lost control of the woefully designed Facel Vega, a now extinct species of a four seat sports car that rivaled Mercedes, but only in its looks.
The Baggies third-choice goalkeeper will facel FA Cup heartbreak if his loan move back to semi-finalists Barnsley, and subsequent summer permanent free transfer, fails to materialise.
The B-52 targeting pod integration program is a perfect example of a total-force effort that involved every facel of the B-52 community.
A las 13 horas 55 minutos, el reloj del Facel Vega se detiene para siempre.
On the positive side I include the old Citroen DS, the magnificent Facel Vega of the 50s, and the current Renault Megane.
A Facel Vega or Mercedes Pagoda or of course a Rover P6 3500S.
It reminds me a little of one of my favorite super cars, the 1964 Hemi-powered Facel Vega 2 coupe, considered by some to be one of the best sports tourers of its time.
There will be 120 clubs exhibiting, many for the first time, including Facel Vega, Lincoln and Morgan.
Memories of the day still remain - the photograph of the Facel Vega wrapped around a tree, the muddy briefcase in a field, the sense of personal loss, the unbearable Absurdity of it all.