FACENFédération des Associations Cévenoles Environnement Nature (French nature association)
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nin deben ser facedores de juegos por escarnio porque los vengan a ver las gentes que los facen" (Part., I, 6, 34a).
With every act of intellection, the spirit as yearning is party to the hymn of the universe, at one in rejoicing with the Seraphim and Cherubim--cognitively and affectively, that is to say--in their attendance upon God as the first and final cause of all yearning ('Dunque la voce tua, che 'l ciel trastulla | sempre col canto di quei fuochi pii | che di sei ali facen la coculla').
Durh diofles facen [&] purh his inwit we wurdon on frymde beswicene, and for Adames gewyrhtum we waeron of dam eadilican setle neorxnawanges gefean utascofene [&] on laas wraec sende pysse worulde pe we nu on lyfiad.
Berceo also amplifies his character's other achievement: Ildefonso establishes a new Marian feast day since one of her solemnities occurs in Lent and therefore cannot be celebrated properly ("Tiempo de quadragesima es de affliction, / nin cantan 'aleluya' nin facen procession" [56ab]).
Seeing little financial help from the state, Superintendent Marrage Facen proposed a penny sales tax linked to an across-the-board raise.