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FACESFamily and Child Experiences Survey
FACESFreedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act of 1994
FACESFacultad de Ciencias Económicas y Sociales (Spanish: Universidad Central de Venezuela)
FACESFilipino/American Coalition for Environmental Solutions
FACESFacial Analysis Comparison and Elimination System
FACESFriends and Caregivers, Encephalitis Survivors (annual international conference)
FACESFamily and Children Early Education Services
FACESFamily Assessment Counseling and Educational Services
FACESFederal Annuity Claims Expert System
FACESFMS/ATM Calibration through Enhanced Surveillance (US FAA)
FACESFocusing on Creating Ethnic Solidarity
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I thought, too, as I often did, what if the face I seek should be here among these poor outcasts,--golden face hidden behind a mask of shame, true heart still beating true even amidst this infernal world!
The impertinence of the latter class compelled him to give up his customary walk at sunset to the burial ground; for when he leaned pensively over the gate, there would always be faces behind the gravestones, peeping at his black veil.
Escaping from her father she ran to hide her flushed face in the lace of her mother's mantilla- not paying the least attention to her severe remark- and began to laugh.
I want a great many crumples of this sort put into it today." And Meg opened her arms to her sisters, who clung about her with April faces for a minute, feeling that the new love had not changed the old.
And, of course, Cheese- Face had picked on him again, and there was another fight that was indeterminate, because at quarter to four the door of the press- room was thrown open and the gang of boys crowded in to fold their papers.
The Great Stone Face, then, was a work of Nature in her mood of majestie playfulness, formed on the perpendicular side of a mountain by some immense rocks, which had been thrown together in such a position as, when viewed at a proper distance, precisely to resemble the features of the human countenance.
I had never beheld such a repulsive and extraordinary face before, and yet--if the contradiction is credible--I experienced at the same time an odd feeling that in some way I had already encountered exactly the features and gestures that now amazed me.
The soft face - they say the face was not so soft then.
As he talked she had watched his face while fear dawned in her own.
He was moving carelessly along a winding jungle trail, instead of making his progress through the trees, when suddenly he came face to face with a black warrior.
Rokoff's eyes narrowed, and the red of mortification flushed out the pallor of his face. He took a step toward the girl, threateningly.
But afterwards a change came over Anna's face which really was beyond decorum.