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FACGFellow of the American College of Gastroenterology
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He Has worked as Medical director of Endoscopy center at Robinswood, Hagerstown, American board certified in Internal Medicine 1993-2003, Gastroenterology 1998-2008, Member FACG. AGA.
The 2014 farm bill specified that USAID is to consult with FACG on the implementation of food aid quality provisions (discussed below) and required that USAID provide FACG at least 45 days for review and comment before a proposed regulation handbook or guideline, or revision thereof, becomes final.
Bart Cobert, MD, FACP, FACG, is a consultant in drug safety (DS) and pharmacovigilance (PV) with 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry at senior levels and is a founding member and working group chair in ICH.
Deepthi Bollineni, MD; Tejinder Singh, MD; Harinder Sawhney, MD; Anil Minocha, MD, FACP FACG, AGAF
McMallum (MD FACP FACG, Texas Tech U.) and Satish Rao (MD PhD FRCP, U.
* Stephen Holt, MD PhD, DSc, LLD (Hon.) DNM, ChB, FRCP (C), MRCP (UK), FACP, FACG, FACN, FACAM, KSJ, Distinguished Professor of Medicine (Emerite), scientific advisor, Natural Clinician LLC.
Malafa, MD, FACS, Chair, Department of Gastrointestinal Oncology and Program Leader GI Tumor Program; Jason Klapman, MD, Assistant Professor Oncological Sciences; James Barthel, MD, FACP, FACG, FASGE, Section Head Endoscopic Oncology; Barbara Centeno, MD, Senior Member, Anatomic Pathology and Professor, Department of Oncologic Sciences; H.
FACG, Professor of Medicine and Human Physiology, University College Cork, President, American College of Gastroenterology and President, World Gastroenterology Organization, and Dr.
Balahan, M.D., FACG, a practicing gastroenterologist who is widely recognized for his expertise in the area of bowel preparation and colonoscopy.
Bunnell, FACG, UE, began publishing the on-line Loyalist Quarterly newsletter in September 2004 with a second issue in January 2005.
Hunt, FRCP, FRCP(C), FACG, Professor of Medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.
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