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FACHIFellow, Australasian College of Health Informatics (Australia)
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Cuadro 2: Parametros en fibra fresca de voqui fuco a partir de un rollo de 26,5 kg Parametro Hebras Hehras gruesas delgadas Peso fresco 18 kg (68%) 8,5 kg (32 %) Diameto promedio de las 8,5 (5,5 - 1 12,2 (9,5 - hebras (y rango) (mm) 1,5) 16,0) Numero de hebras 91 (79 %) 24 (21 %) Total metros de hebra 276,85 (80 %) 69,35 (20 %) Total metros hebra por 346,2 rollo 26,5 kg Largo promedio de las 3,04(1,55 2,89 (1,6 - hebras (y rango) (m) -7,30) 5,1) Diametro proximal promedio 8,95 (6,5 - 12,83 (11,0 - y rango) (mm) 11,5) 16,0) Diametro distal promedio 8,25 (6,0 - 11,58 (9,5 - (y rango) (mm) 10,5) 13,5) Metros de hebra por kg de 15,38 8,16 peso fresco Fuente: Proyecto "ELKANIEGAN FACHI PU LEMU", Ejecutado por Asociacion Indigena la Minga, financiado por F.N.D.R, Decima Region.
Chengerkenun nochiluwi chi ulkantun ta ni furi mew wutre akui fei ni nagkintupan fachi mapu mew futa lewfu reke amulei ti witrunko.
(8) FACHI, Alessandra, Las Mutilaciones sexuales en las mujeres multiculturalismo y normatividad juridica, Revista DOXA, No 17, otono 1997.
Fachi, 51, said: "He was tortured in the worst way.
And when Fachi foiled an armed group's bid to recruit her teenage sister, she too paid a heavy price.
Through their partner, Caritas Colombia, SCIAF are providing counselling for people like Fachi, the victims of sexual violence who have long suffered in silence.
Fachi's horror story dates back to October 22, 1997 - the day she became a widow.
Three days passed before Moises told Fachi: "I have not done anything wrong so I'm going to work."
Fachi said: "He was crying and begging the manager of the farm for help.
Fachi recalled: "A group of people went to look for my husband, including my nine-year-old son Juan.
Fachi, who works for an organisation called Women For Peace, saw her husband after his body arrived at the hospital.
Fachi said: "Every day at 5pm a black car would park in front of my house.
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