FACISFraud and Abuse Control Information System
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Unlike some of the state's more spectacular computer-related fiascoes, the FACIS system has been a low-budget project that's never drawn much scrutiny from lawmakers or other political leaders.
FACIS "is not something somebody's approached me about," said Rep.
The recent federal review of Oregon's FACIS, released Oct.
Lowe, the administrator over FACIS, said the review's conclusions were based on information gathered in a 2002 site visit and that many of the problems identified in the report had been addressed or are being fixed.
Considering the system was designed nearly a decade ago and still isn't meeting caseworkers' demands or regulators' standards, Fery said the state should consider scrapping FACIS.
Given such fiscal constraints, Lowe said, she and her staff have concentrated limited dollars on what she called the "front end" of FACIS, where initial reports of possible child abuse or neglect are collected.
Before the state's budget crisis, four trainers were on staff to help FACIS users; now there's only one trainer.
With over 300,000 records, FACIS reports on information from over 700 sources, including the U.