FACMTFamily Advocacy Case Management Team
FACMTFellow American College of Medical Toxicology
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However, no significant differences between the experimental and control companies are found with respect to frequency of audit committee meeting (FACMT), the number of directors holding multiple directorships in other companies (MDIR), proportion of equity shares held by institutional investors (INSTHLD), and whether a CEO also wears the hat of a chair of the board (DUALITY).
Further, the results indicate that OUTDIR negatively relates to the frequency of audit committee meetings (FACMT), board size (BDSIZE), CEO/chair duality (DUALITY), company size (COSIZE), leverage (LEVG), sales growth (GROWTH), need for external financing ([EFIN.sub.t-1]), and the industry dummies, except for those in the consumer services (IND_3), healthcare (IND_4), industrials (IND_5), and technology (IND_7) sectors.
Being ali natural, they cannot be patented and are therefore quite inexpensive.--Vincent Dale Ross, Ph.D., FACMT, Texas