FACNETFederal Acquisition Computer Network
FACNETFederal Acquisition Network
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It's more important when choosing a value added network (VAN), a special online service that conducts business traffic between FACNET or a private corporation s network and the trading companies subscribing to the VAN.
Requests for proposals posted via FACNET will have an average posting time of 10 days or less, writes Zimmerman.
Now the powers that be, to make up for FACNET, intend to have all agencies use an automated system as described in the Federal Register of May 16 and the CBD will go away for bids above $25,000.
In a January 1997 report to Congress, however, the General Accounting Office (GAO) concluded that the difficulties of conducting business over FACNET outweighed its benefits.
The simplified acquisition procedures may not be used by an agency after December 31, 1999, for contracts greater than $50,000 unless the agency has certified to the Congress that it has implemented a "full FACNET capability.
An agency is not required to provide notice in the Commerce Business Daily (CBD) if: * the proposed procurement is for an amount not greater than the simplified acquisition threshold and is solicited through an agency system with "interim FACNET capability," or
the proposed procurement is for a amount not greater than $25,000 and is to be made through a system with "full FACNET capability.
The current requirement for agencies to publish contract offerings in the CBD 15 days prior to solicitation will remain in effect for procuring activities at agencies that do not have interim FACNET capability; and purchases below the threshold when solicitation is not made available through electronic commerce procedures.
The law establishes parameters for a FACNET system built along functional lines with parameters set forth for government and private users.