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FACSIMILEFAMECE Computer Simulator for Independent and Logical Evaluation
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Even in the sort of facsimile most widely used today--the simple line-cut reproduction of a printed source intended primarily for use by performers--the limitations of the technology are all too evident.
With the facsimile on display, Bede's World will be running a special Lindisfarne Gospels visit for schools.
The Clerk's Office will maintain a report confirming delivery of each facsimile transmission.
To counter that danger, Stephan Fussel, the director of the Institute of the History of the Book at the Johannes-Gutenberg University in Mainz and an expert on early printing, was asked to write both an Introduction and an extensive Commentary (called "Appendix") for the facsimile edition.
A leading manufacturer of business-class facsimile terminals, NEC America recently introduced the Nefax 791 multi-purpose facsimile, designed for high-volume and specialized business applications.
It is pleasing to report an improvement in facsimile production.
The HP FAX-200 facsimile provides the benefits of plain-paper fax at the price of traditional thermal devices.
To an astonishing degree, electronic mail carried over computer networks and documents transmitted by facsimile machines have already supplanted the more traditional means of formally and informally exchanging scientific ideas and data.
Portable, battery-operated facsimile machines are another means of transmitting projects.
Hanna, manager of Chessie's communication services, the company has already replaced 35 analog "faxes' with Xerox Telecopier 295 facsimile transceivers since January 1984.
In most of the volumes, we are further informed that "In general, the editor of each Critical Facsimile has sought to present an edition incorporating all corrections that both composer and proofreaders would have called for [emphasis added] had they identified all errors in both the engraver's copy and the printed sheets.