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Aussi, il ne pourra etre delivre copie de Facte primitif, a moins que le tribunal ne l'autorise.
marche, Facte de parcourir I'espace de la ville, supplee a
Urbium et vicorum et ecclesiarum desolationes innumere ab illo tempore usque in presens et facte sunt et per dies fiunt.
Non caritas, non Astrea, sed filie sanguisuge facte sunt tibi nums; que quales pariant tin fetus, preter Lunensem pontificem omnes alii contestatur." Opere, p.
Four appendices provide 1) a reconstruction of Laude facte e composte da piu persone spirituali (1485/1486), 2) Leonardo Giustinian and giustiniane in the cantasi come sources, 3) Feo Belcari laude and their cantasi come models, and 4) the d'Albizo laudario.
In facte Mr and Mrs Average guzzle 1.6 cups of coffee every day, but do we ever really think about the taste of our daily choice of coffee?
PEELE, James (1553) The maner and fourme how to kepe a perfecte reconyng, after the order of the moste worthie and notable accompte, of Debitour and Creditour set foorthe in certain tables, with a declaration therunto belongyng, verie easie to be learned and also profitable, not only unto suche, that trade in the facte of Marchaundise, but also unto any other estate, that will learne the same.
(2) Ibid., 7:460--61: "Ora, se bene molti sono stati con Tiziano per imparare, non e pero grande il numero di coloro che veramente si possano dire suoi discepoli; percioche non ha molto inseganto, ma ha imparato ciascuno piii e meno, secondo che ha saputo pigliare dall'opere facte da Tiziano.
(40.) Hatton 8vb: "Et ad gaudia paradisi perducunt benefactoribus locorum quorum questores existunt remissionem plenariam peccatorum de facte indulgent et aliqui ex istis a pena eta culpa absolvunt." On indulgences a pena eta culpa, see Nikolaus Paulus, "Die Anfange des sogenannten Ablasses vom Schuld und Strafe," Zeitscbrift fur katholische Theologie 36.1 and 2 (1912): 67-96, 252-79.
Oris enim confessio operisque satisfactio sunt certa signa facte remissionis, in quibus duobus peccatum, id est, pena temporalis debita pro peccato remittitur, id est, minoratur....
Castiglioni rejects the attribution in `Frixi et figure et miniadure facte de intajo: Tra silografia e miniatura in alcuni incunaboli veneziani,' Verona illustrata 2 (1989): 24.
In this weighty and important cause which now is in question, the discovery of the truth whereof so much concerneth the glory of God, and the honour of our service, wee cannot satisfie our owne conscience, if any course should be left unattempted, wherby the foulenes of so haynous a facte may be layde open to the view of the world, both that therby the innocent may be cleared, and the nocent punished, and the care of our Justice against the virulent malice of slanderous tongues, both be blessed in this present age and heareafter be recommended to eternal posterity.(7)